Atty. Conrado Valix Solution Manuals

Welcome and thank you for subscribing to Everything, you are in this page because you want to download the solution manual of Atty. Valix’s Books Volume 1-3 2008 Edition. We hope that this Solution Manual will help you in your Ultimate Goal that is to be a Certified Public Accountant – CPA.

Updates: We have to removed the materials as Requested, read the reason for removal of this materials.


Chapter 1-5

Chapter 6-10

Chapter 11-15

Chapter 16-20


Chapter 1

Chapter 2-3

Chapter 4-9

Chapter 10-11


Chapter 1-2

Chapter 3-4

Chapter 5-7

Chapter 8-9

Chapter 10-12

Stay tune for other Solution Manual from Guerrero’s Advance Accounting, Cabrera and Agamata.

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  1. marialuz says:

    need the follwing:
    applied auditing – cabrera
    management advisory – cabrera
    principl e of assurance… – cabrera
    advance accounting 1 and 2 – guerero (2006 and 2008)
    financial accounting 1,2,3- valix (latest edition0
    cost accounting – de leon
    (2006) auditing theory – Salosagcol
    (2009) mas – agamata
    (2008)mas 11th edition – garrison

  2. gio says:

    hi, can i please request the solution manual in financial accounting volume 1,2, & 3 ni Valix? my father is using the material for teaching. it will be a great help. this is my email thankyou very much.

  3. acey says:

    hi..can i have a solution manual copy of the financial accounting volume 1 of valix???thank you inadvance..i need it badly…thank you so much

  4. ace says:

    hi can i have the solution manual for Financial Accounting Volume 1 of valix 2009 edition???
    i just badly nid it….can anyone send it to me????
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  5. angelo says:

    hey guys. meron po ba kayong solutions manual para sa Intermediate Accounting volume 1 By Robles and Empleo?

  6. kaye says:

    i need the solutions manual

  7. mj says:

    doing the problem is indeed a nice work, but since i’m just a beginer in financial accounting, i’m not sure of my answers, so i need the answer key to confirm them, so please, give me a copy of it(the financial accounting volume one 2009 edition)… thanks

    more power to the author, hope i’ll be able to buy again the second and the third edition for my next sem. thank you sir… good luck for the next editions…

  8. jheane says:

    meron poh ba kyong solution manual ng Intermediate Accounting Vol.1 by Robles and Empleo..?? kailangan lng poh thanks poh..

  9. nabie braga says:

    a pleasant day!

    i would want to request for the solutions manual of mr valix’ financial accounting volume 1 2009 edition,,,

    i am not an accounting major but i believe that it will help me understand the subject better, and guide me in answering the problems i find difficult,,

    thank you very much,,, i am looking forward for your response sir,,,

  10. cenon says:

    can i request for a solution manual on:

    Managerial accounting by Garrison and Noreen

  11. jane says:

    hi! can i have a solution manual for financial accounting volume two of ATTY.VALIX? please? i really need it. please email me the manual. thanks..

  12. Francis says:

    Hi poh.
    Can i get solution manual of advance accounting volume 1 n 2 by guerrero please email me.. Thanks in advance…

  13. emily says:

    hey guys….
    meron po ba kayong solutions manual para sa Intermediate Accounting volume 1 and 2 By Robles and Empleo?

    pki email nlng

  14. Carlos says:

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    gud day!!
    godbless poh!!

  15. carlos says:

    y wla p poh ung solution manual ng finanacial accounting volume2 at 3??

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    tnx poh!!

  16. jayson pascua says:

    can you please send a copy of the 2009 edition manual of Financial Accounting Vol. 1 by Valix?

  17. xenove says:

    please mail me the copy of the financial accounting vol. 1 manual of Valx. i urgently need it.. thanks a lot.. :)

  18. red says:

    a pleasant day!
    Can i have solution manuals for financial accounting 2008ed volume 1 & 2 by valix and for Auditing problem 2009-2010ed by roque..pkisend naman po sa email ko…thank you

    _more power!!!

  19. adon says:

    sir please send to my email the solution manual of financial accounting volume 1 & 2

    thank you and best regards

  20. adon says:

    hi pls pakisend naman sa email ko ung solution manual of prac 1&2 by guerero…

    ung mga may soft copy jan baka naman puiding e send sa email na ito

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  21. Michelle says:

    can you please send me a copy of the solution manual of guerrero’s advanced accounting part 1 and 2?i urgently need it.please please please…thank you!!!

  22. jen says:

    solution manual of the following:
    advance accounting part 1-baysa and lupisan
    Managerial Accounting by Garrison and Noreen(latest ed)

  23. carlos says:

    hello!! can i request to have a manual solution of FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING VOLUME 1-3??.kindly send my email address and im begging for this kind of offer.i need much, much, please…


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  24. letsirk delos angeles says:

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  25. lilibeth says:

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  26. edz says:

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  27. minato123 says:

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  29. adon says:

    HELO sa apki send naman pls ang manual solution ninyo ng avdance accounting 1 & 2 by guerero tanx pls.

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  31. adon says:

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  32. kENs says:


    _it’s hard to understand the financial accounting w/o solving the the exercises of Financial Accounting.

    _pls. send me an solution manual of Financial Accounting Vol. 1 2009 by valix and peralta.

    _tnx a lot

  33. kens says:

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  34. jocelle says:

    di ko po alam pano mag download ng solution manual dito.. medjo magulo pa din po ang inyong webpage.. comment lang

  35. pmg says:

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  36. kakzkie says:

    uhhhmmmm…. sir, may i ask for a solution manual for fin.acctg 1,2,3…
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  37. paja says:

    can i have a copy of the COST ACCOUNTING??? help us..

  38. MISs says:

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  40. Edgar says:

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    hello po
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