GUERRERO – PERALTA Solution Manuals

GUERRERO – PERALTA Solution Manuals. This is the solution manual for Guerrero Advance Accounting Book ed. 2008.

Volume One
CHAPTER 1: Partnership – Basic Considerations and Formation
CHAPTER 2: Partnership Operations
CHAPTER 3: Partnership Dissolution – Changes in Ownership
CHAPTER 4: Partnership Liquidation
CHAPTER 5: Partnership Liquidation by Installment
CHAPTER 6: Joint Venture
CHAPTER 7: Corporation in Financial Difficulty – Liquidation
CHAPTER 8: Reorganization and Troubled Debt Restructuring
CHAPTER 9: Installment Sales
CHAPTER 10: Long-Term Construction Contracts
CHAPTER 11: Franchise Accounting

Volume Two
CHAPTER 12: Home Office and Branch – General Procedures
CHAPTER 13: Home Office and Branch – Special Problems
CHAPTER 14: Business Combination (PFRS 3)
CHAPTER 15: Consolidated Balance Sheet – Date of Acquisition
CHAPTER 16: Consolidated Financial Statements (PAS 27)
CHAPTER 17: Inter-comp any Profit Transactions – Inventories
CHAPTER 18: Inter-company Gain Transactions – Plant Assets
CHAPTER 19: Accounting for Foreign Currency Transactions
CHAPTER 20: Translation of Foreign Currency Financial Statements
CHAPTER 21: New Government Accounting System for National Government Agency
CHAPTER 22: Nonprofit Organizations.

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