Advance Accounting by Guerrero and Peralta

This is echo, the solution manual geek , the one responsible in posting accounting related posts and articles in this blog site.

I (echo) already sent the first batch of Solution Manual of Advance Accounting by Guerrero and Peralta to our verified and active subscribers. So make sure that you activated your subscription to our very site to get updates directly to your email address.

By the way to those who didn’t get the copy of that manual we are creating a download page for you to download it directly. Again we are making this thing possible for all of you we are not charging you any cents for this so we hope that you will do the same if you got your copy.

We, no I, echo, personally believe that solution manuals should be free to everybody specially to those CPAs candidates if ever you are an undergrad and gotten the copy of any manual I hope that you use it well. So Maria Luz don’t sell them, karma always goes around and we will never know when it hit us.

You can download the Guerrero and Peralta’s Solution Manual, here.

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  1. ice says:

    are these solution manuals partially uploaded? coz until now, i still cannot download the volume 2 answers… there’s always an error message. but i was able to download the first volume completely. thanks a lot! its a big help.. God bless you guys! =)

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